Any Group of 10+ Citizens will Have a Government Spy: Dr. Stuart Crane

Any Group of 10+ Citizens will Have a Government Spy among them:

Dr. Stuart Crane


by Michael Relfe

I heard an audio tape once of Dr. Stuart Crane, who was one of the very first people to warn people about the New World Order, way before the internet.

In that video he told the story of how one day after a speech he gave a man came up to him. The man was probably around mid 60s. He looked distinquished, and was wearing business clothes. He looked sick.

The man thanked Dr. Crane for all of his talks, and said he had found them very interesting. He said that he was sick, and getting ready to retire. He said that he worked for the FBI, and one of his more enjoyable tasks was to attend and report on Dr. Crane’s talks.

He said that for every group of ten people or greater, at least one of them will be from the government, sent to report on the group.

It’s not just the NSA – it can be any group.

Dr. Crane gave this talk in a church; This is more evidence that the churches have been infiltrated.

Stuart Crane Biography

“…Now comes the story of how I discovered how people really get saved eternally. As a Pilot I used to hang around the Greenville Downtown Airport a lot. While there one day, I recognized a man working on his Bonanza V-Tail. He was actually a professor at Bob Jones University and the Dean of the Business School there, that I had seen speak in Chapel Services, Dr. Stuart Crane…. Or so I thought.

I found out from him that he had been defrocked [fired] by Bob Jones Jr., for speaking at the BJU mountain resort, called the “Wilds”, against Freemasonry. I asked him why would that bother them.

It turns out, Crane said, that every member of the Board of Directors, including Bob Jones, Sr. was either a 32nd or 33rd degree member of the Freemasons! Ughhh! At any rate, Dr. Crane had been a leader in the John Birch Society before coming to BJU, and he had a regular 14 hour lecture entitled “The History of Conspiracy” that he was, by now, pretty famous for, all across the country.

Being an instrument pilot allowed him to fly the Beechcraft Bonanza anywhere he was invited to speak. This lecture included the now famous “Wheat Receipts” [a humorous allegory about the Federal Reserve] and also criticism of Freemasonry as one of the latter stage organizations of a continuous six thousand year old Luciferian [Satanic] conspiracy against God and His kingdom. The tapes of this lecture series are notoriously well known.”

Source: How Saved Website


See: Stuart Crane Videos at Youtube


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