Creepy Hospital Stories

by Stephanie Relfe.

The following stories were sent to us:

1) I used to work in the Red Cross in the midwest. Some of the people I worked with were REALLY strange! I worked in the downstairs doing RPR (syphillis testing) and component lab where you spin the blood down and break in down into red and white cells, platelets,etc.

I knew most of the folks I worked with and they were typical med techs,etc. But they had several upstairs offices that were locked late at night and they had trucks bringing samples from different locations around the city, the eastern part of the state and from neighbouring states.

I had to enter the results on the computer and send them on to wherever.

One night I hit a wrong button and got a God-knows-what site that I could not understand whatsoever! I hit the escape button and was back to where I normally was!

2) On another occasion I got locked into the freezer and managed to summon help! Because while I was locked in the freezer it took me a while to get anyone’s attention and I saw things stored that I could not identify as plasma, cells, platelets.

I realize that as a trained med tech, I do not know absolutely EVERYTHING, still I was uncertain about what was in there!

I had the distinct feeling that there was one level of lab activity that most of us knew about and another that we did not!

Note* I DO know that many times if a lab wants to keep something “under wraps” it will farm the questionable item out to some other lab where it won’t be noticed,etc.

3) On another occasion, I left the site for awhile to get something to eat and returned a few minutes later! Everyone was gone! Then people seemed to “trickle” back into the building.

4) The side door was wide open and for safety sake I often wondered why my co-workers often asked me to walk them to their cars, yet no one cared what came through the side door!

5) I often felt something very strange and ethereal roaming the halls late at night when I went to pick up the specimens from the ambulance room.

6) In the 1970s I worked in a huge hospital in St. Louis , MO. There was one place where the stairway went right to a brick wall! It you took the correct stairway, it would take you to the floor with the nursery and everything was cool! But if you didn’t, you’d wind up on this mystery stairway to nowhere! And no one seemed to be aware of it but me!

7) Although I am a registered med tech and have worked in hospitals for several years and in several places, I HATE hospitals and they give me the creeps.

The St. Louis Hospital where I worked had a little girl with chromosomes that indicated that “she” should really be “he”-and other strange things.

The lab worker who said he did DNA tests-did he say he did them routinely at the hospital where he worked? I have never heard of such tests except in the case where a child’s sex is in question OR if someone has had amniocentesis for Downs’ syndrome and that has fallen out of popularity in recent years as there are tests that can determine the presence of Downs earlier in the pregnancy than it used to be.

I would be curious to know what hospital he worked at and why he was DNA testing ALL babies UNLESS there was an EVENT that could have caused chromosomal damage????

8) As I was taught, and as most people know, one should ALWAYS KEEP EVIDENCE IN A CRIMINAL PROCEEDING UNDER LOCK AND KEY!!!

Well, in the one lab, it was all just in the refrigerator! In fact, ANYONE from the hallway could have come in, taken or replaced it, and left if my supervisor and I had been out to lunch or getting supplies,etc. Makes you wonder what is REALLY going on in police investigations in small towns, doesn’t it?


Editor’s Note: The following was sent to me as a hand-written letter:

I’d like to tell you a disturbing story which I heard from the people I know or I have met.

I was living in the southern part of Sydney four years ago in a big house. One day I advertised to share the house to save some money. Next day there was a young Indian looking guy around 30 came to see the house and he wanted to leave the house quickly after I showed the spare room. I wanted to know what he thought about sharing the house with me and he said he liked the house but he doesn’t want to move in because of the cat.

On the way out, I simply asked him if he knew what was really going on in the world. Then he said “Are you talking about conspiracy?”

When I said yes, he started to look up at the four corners of the ceiling and asked me if there is any bug here. After when I said no, I don’t think so, he started to whisper with a very serious face and said the following;

“I know everything about conspiracy, I can even write my own book or create my own websites. When my mother was alive, she used to work in the hospital and constantly saying to me, there is a secret room in the hospital and very, very, rich people go to the room to drink our blood.

At that time, I already knew about illuminaties blood drinking nature, since I read the Biggest Secret by David Icke, But I was very surprised about the secret room in the hospital.

After about 6 months past, I met a guy at a political meeting and we became good friends. One day when I mentioned about a story of an Indian guy, he was not surprised about the secret room in the hospital but he gave me more information about Red Cross.

He started to say, I can believe that because, there is something very fishy going on about Red Cross, many rooms at the Red Cross center in Sydney have a special lock system and you need to have a special “security clearance” to enter each room.

What are they hiding? According to this man who works at the Red Cross, there were two men who used to work there, went to Thailand and both of them had been killed. My friend thinks that both of them found the true nature of the Red Cross.

And more….

Not long after, there was a guy I used to know from my work for about 10 years came to see me for a social visit. When I mentioned about the Red Cross, he started to say the following story;

When he was working at the hospital, he met a microbiologist within the hospital.

One day the microbiologist said he checked DNA of all new born babies, then he found out all the new born babies did not have a human DNA, so he contacted the government for his concerns.

Soon a government official came to see him and he was told not to tell anyone about the discovery and also his life was threatened if he disclosed to anyone. He was very scared and started to change job to job and finally he disappeared and no one knows where he is or what happened to him.

Anonymous, Please.


See: Fourth Reich in American Hospitals


Reptilians have bases under most hospitals. See “The Mars Force – Pat’s Story – Book 2” at

Note: The information in this article and the “Reptilian bases under hospitals” article described above contain enough suppressed information that someone felt it necessary to attempt to discredit my book “You’re Not Fat. You’re Toxic” on Amazon by giving me a 1 star review. Find the review here.

If you have a creepy hospital story that is true and would like it to be published, please forward it to me. If you don’t want the story to be tracked back to you, the safest way is to hand write it and snail mail. In that case, please snail mail to the address on the contact page.


The Terrible Reason Why Doctors have Awful Handwriting


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