French Illuminati Dominate the World

 "The French are a race of Warriors, masquerading as Artists": 

Quote by Michael Relfe

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A red flag is a symbol of Communism ever since the French Revolution (1789–99)

(Ref: Brink, Jan ten Robespierre and the Red Terror, 1899)

(A side note on the color RED: The Democrat Party in the USA supports Socialism, which is the forerunner to Communism. Communism takes control from the individual over his life and gives it to the Satanic oligarchs. It is the opposite of freedom and prosperity.

The Democrat Party used to use the red color of Communism to show this fact; but in 2000 the Democrat Party and the Republican Party (which was blue) swapped their colors around, to mess with the truth.

The Illuminati are masters at marketing, and they know the power of images. This would have been done to disguise the fact that the Democrats are more communistic than the Republicans.)



The French Illuminati destroyed the beauty of the most famous museum in the world, the Louvre, by adding a pyramid to it. Was this to let you know that they secretly run the World from behind the scenes?

by Stephanie Relfe

Most conspiracy researchers believe that the secret power who runs the world from behind the scenes, (shown by sources such as the White House Insider*), is based in the City of London. Our research has led us to believe that, in fact, the English are just the visible “fall guys”, and that the real power is based in France.

*The White House Insider told this amazing story of the little man who tells Presidents What to do.

One piece of evidence when we went looking for evidence for or against the theory that France rules the world was a tongue-in-cheek article which revealed some startling facts:

Who rules the world? France, of course

My son has made a startling discovery that will confirm the deepest fears of the leader writers of The Sun. Britain, according to French officialdom, is part of the the 99th département (county) of France. So is the United States. So are China, Russia, Gabon, Lithuania and Kazakhstan. In fact, the whole of the rest of the world, save Monaco, is merely the 99th département of France…..

My son is sitting his baccalauréat, the French equivalent of A-levels, next June. He recently had to sign his official examination entry form: … 

His form was filled in as follows.

  • Name: —-  
  • Nationality: Foreigner.
  • Born: Washington.
  • Département: 099.
  • Country: United States.

Département 099? What is département 099?

There are 95 départements, or counties, in metropolitan France, numbered from 01 (A in & near Lyons) to 95 Val d’Oise (north of Paris). Their numbers can be found on all French car numberplates.

There is no département 96…..

All the overseas départements – Martinique, Guadeloupe and French Guiana in the Americas and Réunion in the Indian Ocean – count as département number 97.

Monaco, supposedly a sovereign nation, counts as département number 98…

The whole of the rest of the world, my son explained to me, is département 99….

A little investigative journalism (one phone call and a trawl of the internet) proved that my son was entirely correct. For the education ministry, all foreigners who take the baccalauréat have been born in département 99. According to the interior ministry, the votes of all French citizens who live abroad are cast in département 99. According to the social affairs ministry, all foreigners who use the French state health and pension system, the Sécurité Sociale, started life in département 99.”




To understand the next piece of the puzzle, it helps to realize that the real “power behind the throne” is never what you see. It is run by military aristocracy* whose names you don’t know, through different systems. The military aristocracy were thugs in medieval times. They controlled then by force.

(I learned the term “military aristocracy” from the excellent book Eleanor of Aquitaine by Alison Weir. We believe now that the military aristocracy are closely connected with the Knights Templar. More on this below).

Now, the military aristocracy control through systems that control how people think and act – the media (TV, movies, newspapers, radio, computers, cell phones), as well as controlling the supply of money, schools, churches, the Medical Mafia and toxic food to dumb down the masses. (Ref: Illuminati Defector, Svali).


(Above) Some of the military aristocracy: Nine kings gather to mourn the death of King Edward VII in 1910: Norway, Bulgaria, Portugal, the German Empire, Greece, Belgium, Spain, Great Britain, and Denmark.

The next piece of evidence is what first made us suspect that France rules the world. We found it in a series of videos about Jodie Foster. She is rumored to be the most powerful woman, and one of the most powerful people in Hollywood. Hollywood is about much more than entertainment. It is key to the Illuminati maintaining control over the masses by controlling their minds. For example, it gets them to focus on:

  • War instead of peace.
  • Weaponry instead of “livingry” (A word made up by Buckminster Fuller).
  • Scarcity instead of abundance.
  • Perversions instead of morality and goodness.
  • Materialism instead of spirituality and love of God.
  • Lies instead of honesty.
  • Animalistic behavior instead of consideration for others.
  • Lust instead of love.

We learned that Jodie Foster went to a school in California where ONLY FRENCH is spoken for all lessons!

Only someone who has lived in America could fully appreciate how bizarre this fact is. French? What Americans cares about French? In fact, since Americans are generally so insular and tend to do little travel to other countries, what Americans care about any language (except maybe now for Spanish)? For most people, France is just a place that sells cheese and wine that they hardly ever hear or think about.

The fact that the most powerful woman in Hollywood was educated at a school that spoke ONLY French indicated that this was a fact of Conspiracy Research that had been left out of the bigger picture.

The school is Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles. It is a private, bilingual, and international school founded in 1964 by Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kabbaz. whose motto is “We Teach the World”. There are other branches in other American cities.

Foster confirms that she went to this school and spoke only French in all lessons, at 8.30 in the following DVD documentary about Hollywood, which I highly recommend you watch. 

Warning: You will need a lot of prayer and a strong stomach to see parts of these DVDs; the truth of what goes on in Hollywood and oligarch circles is evil beyond most people’s imagination:


See Jodie Foster speak fluent French:10X10-white-spacer


From the school’s website, Jodie Foster said,

“I feel so lucky to have been educated in The French system. Le Lycée Français de Los Angeles gave me a classic education that not only prepared me for the rigors of an ivy league but opened my mind to a wider sense of the world.

Question: What is “The French System”? Is this more than just the “official curriculum issued by the French Ministry of Education”? It sure sounds like it. Normal French people don’t seem to have minds that have been opened to “a wider sense of the world.”

The military aristocracy rule the world through SYSTEMS, and intelligence gathering and propaganda are a crucial part of that. 

Why does this oligarch school use only French? We assume that this has at least two reasons. The main one is that the oligarchs can communicate clearly with the underlings that they have trained in the schools, such as Jodie Foster.

It’s possible that it’s also because French is a hard language to learn properly. It helps to keep things hidden, and to recognize who’s “in” and who’s “out” by whether or not they speak and understand fluent French.





We knew about the above facts before the movie Elysium came out, so we were rather shocked to see this movie so blatantly confirm what we had already worked out. The oligarchs show us glimpses of the truth in movies. They have to, as its a spiritual law they abide by. 

In Elysium, Jodie Foster is the head of the ‘Elysium’, a space  installation above earth where the ultra privileged live because earth is ruined. She goes on to be the most powerful person in the world. In the movie, she speaks French as her native tongue. When she speaks English, it’s with a French accent.



Most interestingly, unknown to most people, French was the international language of business, right up to World War II (1939). If the reason that English became the international language of business was because of the British Empire, then one would imagine that the change over to French would have occurred two centuries earlier!. The British Empire ended in the early 1700s. What secret things happened in WW2 to cause this shift?



This next fact may or may not be useful to supporting our hypothesis that France rules the world;  France and Russia fought on the same side during the two World Wars. They spent more time together than fighting one another, since France has almost always been a strategic partner of Russia.

The royal Russian court spoke in French, and the children of Russian noble families were educated by French tutors. That gives a massive amount of control to the French who raised them.

There is a mutual sympathy between Russia and France; the latter practically brought up the former’s upper classes of society, giving her her language and manners.

The great Russian writers (Pushkin, Turgenev, Dostoevsky) wrote as much in French as they did in Russian.”




Finding the spiritual center of the Illuminati is crucial for undoing their occult power. If, as we think, that France rules the world, then that means that the spiritual center of France is the most important place on earth.

While many have assumed the center is in Belgium, we suspect that the center may be in Lyon, France.

We discovered this fact by synchronicity. When doing some research to help an abductee who was suffering from intense spiritual attack, I found a passage in Proofs of a Conspiracy against all the Religions and Governments of Europe, By Scottish mathematician John Robison in 1797:

“I am now arrived at what I should call the great epoch of cosmo-politism, the scheme communicated to Baron Knigge by the Marchese de Constanza. This obliges me to mention a remarkable lodge of the eclectic Masonry, erected at Munich in Bavaria, in 1775, under the worshipful Master, Professor Baader.

It was called The Lodge Theodore of Good Counsel. It had its constitutional patent from the Royal York at Berlin, but had formed a particular system of its own, by instructions from the Loge des Chevaliers Bienfaisants at Lyons, with which it kept up a correspondence.

This respect to the Lodge at Lyons had arisen from the preponderance acquired in general by the French party in the convention at Willemstad. The deputies of the Rosaic Lodges, as well as the remains of the Templars, and Stricten Observanz, all looking up to this as the Mother Lodge of what they called the Grand Orient de la France, consisting (in 1782) of 266 improved Lodges, united under the D. de Chartres….

Of the zealous members of the Lodge Theodore the most conspicuous was Dr. Adam Weishaupt, Professor of Canon Law in the University of Ingolstadt. This person had been educated among the Jesuits…”

For those who have not heard of Weishaupt, he is the man generally given credit for starting the Illuminati, in the same year that is written on the American Dollar Bill (1776). We believe, however, that he was  a front for something much larger and more evil. However, since we don’t have a name for it, the name “Illuminati” will do as well as any other for now. A more important mastermind behind the Illuminati organization was a man who lived over 130 years earlier: Cardinal Richelieu (more below).

Note that Weishaput was a Jesuit. The Jesuits are not a religious order. They are a military order. True power is held by the military aristocracy, and kept in place by systems.

It was Andrew Deming, who helped greatly improve the quality of Japanese products, who said:

94% of problems are due to SYSTEMS, not people.

Note that, as we said above, of the 95 départements, Paris is not number one. Instead it is Lyons that is number one!



Yet more evidence that France rules the world comes from an interview of Illuminati defector, Svali. Svali was raised in the Illuminati and trained assassins for them, by using mind control. She herself was subjected to unimaginable cruelty by her mother as part of her mind-control conditioning. She was the sixth head trainer in the San Diego branch and had 30 trainers reporting to her.  She likely gave her life to bring us information about the Illuminati, to warn humanity of the Illuminati’s covert power and agenda.

Interviews of Svali can be found here and here.

SVALI on Royalty:

“The Illuminati leadership state that they are descended from royal bloodlines, as well as unbroken occult heritage. See, there were two definitions of “royalty” used. Open royalty that is currently seen now, and “hidden royalty” of royal lineage and extreme occult power. Sometimes the two were concurrent, such as with the Prince of Wales.

I never thought of which country/line held the most power, since I was just a person busily doing my job. But my understanding was: The Hanoverian / Hapsburg descendants rule in Germany over the Bruderheist. They are considered one of the strongest lines for occult as well.

The British line is just under them, with the royal family. Definitely, they rule the UK branch under the Rothschilds in the occult realm, even though parliament rules the country openly.

In France, again, descendants of the royal families are also in power in the occult realm, but the French Rothschilds hold the reigns over all of them.”



Svali’s claim that the French Rothschilds are the most powerful of all is supported by this quote:

“James Rothschild’s wealth had reached the 600 million mark. Only one man in France possessed more. That was the King, whose wealth was 800 million. The aggregate wealth of all the bankers in France was 150 million less than that of James Rothschild. This naturally gave him untold powers, even to the extent of unseating governments whenever he chose to do so.”

(Ref:  Baron Edmond de Rothschild, by David Druck)




Statue of Liberty, New York City

The evidence is staring us in the face that France rules the world – through ruling the USA.

Mark Dice wrote an excellent article in 2010 about the Statue of Liberty. I urge you to read the whole article. Parts of that article that are relevant to our current discussion are:

“It’s interesting how America accepted a “gift” from a secret society and then put it up in New York Harbor, don’t you think? …Frederic Bartholdi, the designer of the Statue of Liberty, was, of course, a Freemason, and very familiar with occult and Illuminati symbolism and philosophies.


Bartholdi doing the familiar Masonic gesture favored by Napoleon, of putting one hand inside the coat.

“The three major figures involved with the Statue, Frederic Bartholdi who designed the statue itself, Gustave Eiffel who designed the inner support structure, and Richard Hunt who designed the pedestal, were all Freemasons.

Bartholdi’s original plan for a giant statue of this type was to be placed in a harbor in Egypt. After his proposal was turned down by the Egyptian government, he changed his design a little bit and approached America to see if he could erect his newly designed statue here.

The point is, he originally wanted to build a bizarre statue and have it stand somewhere other than America. Bartholdi’s first choice for his statue was Egypt, not America. Go on, sheep, and keep calling the statue American.

The original name of the statue was “Liberty Enlightening the World,” not the Statue of Liberty. Again, the word Enlightening fits in with the Illuminati theme. Enlightening, enlightenment, light, the sun, … bright, brilliance, Lucifer. Are you getting this? The smart people are. The zombies probably stopped reading this by now.

A near mirror image of the Statue of Liberty stands in France, also on an island, in the Seine River in Paris that was set up in 1889, just three years after the one in America. If it’s an “American” symbol then why is there an almost identical one in France? There are actually HUNDREDS of enormous “Statues of Liberty” all around the world.” (end quote).

Here are a few of the ones in France:

Statue_of_Liberty_Paris_River_Seine-ParisStatue of Liberty, River Seine in Paris10X10-white-spacer


Statue_de_la_liberte-Jardin-du_Lueembourg-ParisStatue of Liberty, Jardin du Luxembourg, Paris


It was not even the French government who designed and paid for the Statute of Liberty. It was French Freemasons. Freemasonry is the secret society that the Illuminati and others have used for centuries to help give them secret power, along with the Jesuits. For example,

“If you go up the York Rite, which is supposedly the Christian branch of Freemasonry and you get to the Royal Arch degree, there you swear an oath which says, “I will keep the secrets of a Royal Arch Companion, murder and treason not excepted.” (Source)

The fact that it was the French Freemasons and not the American Government who designed and built the Statue of Liberty, is the same as when a foreign country plants their flag in another country: it’s a sign and legal declaration of ownership.



1066 is the most famous date in British history (along with the date of the signing of the Magna Carta), when the French Norman ‘William the Conqueror’ successfully invaded that country.

Is it possible that this date is so famous because the French now still secretly rule from behind the Wizard’s curtain?

In fact, 1066 may have been only around 400 or 500 years ago. Anatoly Fomenko, a genius Russian mathematician, in his book series History, Fiction or Science, has shown conclusively with statistics and mathematics that the Dark Ages never existed. No document from before around 1600 can be authenticated!




The Knights Templar was started in 1118, just 52 years after 1066. 

It began when a group of nine French knights came to Jerusalem. These knights petitioned the king of Jerusalem to allow them to live in the ancient Temple of Solomon, then partly a mosque and partly in ruins.

In his book The Mysteries of Chartres Cathedral the French architect Louis Charpentier claims that the Knights Templar built Chartres as a repository for ancient wisdom. This repository is equal to Stonehenge, the Temple of Solomon or the Great Pyramid of Egypt. He further claims that special knowledge about the Temple in Jerusalem was gained by the founding group of nine knights who lived at Solomon’s Temple starting in 1118 A.D.

While the Knights Templar like to put out public relations that they are a bunch of advanced, wise men, in fact, they are behind much of the evil of earth. They are the “military aristocracy” power behind the throne. 

The Knights Templar were famed for their:

  • Independence from the normal Church hierarchy

  • Fighting prowess, which  attracted ambitious noblemen and wealthy patrons.

  • Ever growing wealth which invited the envy of kings.

  • Their friendship with Moslem hashashin (which created a scandal).

  • Their military record, which was exceptional.

Some people believe that the Knights Templar was controlled by the Vatican, but in fact they only asked the Pope for his blessing ten years after it was created.  The Knights Templar, with the fabulous wealth, knowledge, connections and military prowess, was a French organization, and we presume that it is still secretly in operation.

(Note: The real Knights Templar are a secret society and very different from the various Freemasonic Lodges which have degrees named after the Templars).




In Hollywood Movies, Richard the Lionheart, is depicted as the epitome of English courage and Englishness. In fact, he was a barbaric thug, and he spoke ONLY FRENCH his whole life!



Queen Eleanor of Aquitaine (in France) was the wife of two kings: King Louis VII of France and King Henry II of England. She was also the mother of three kings of England, including Richard I, so-called “Richard the Lionheart”, who spoke no English – only French. Eleanor was one of the wealthiest and most powerful people in Europe.

She did a ceremony with her husband King Henry II of England that is little known, and yet is quite possibly one of the most important events in history. From Eleanor of Aquitaine;

“In 1158 in Worcester Cathedral, the King and Queen took part in a curious ceremony in which they renounced their crowns, taking them off and laying them upon the shrine of St. Wulfstan, solemnly vowing never to wear them again.”

The really, really big question is – who (or what?) did they hand the power of the crown to? The answer is of immense significance both legally and spiritually.



Knowing that the Illuminati control the world through media, one begins to get hints of which people helped get the world into the mess it is currently in. Two people were forced upon our minds:


1759 – 1821



The Illuminati seem to have a veritable passion for Bonaparte, which is strange when one considers that he lost the war to England at the Battle of Waterloo.

(Maybe it’s not just a coincidence that this was the very same battle that is rumored to have given the Rothschilds the massive haul that enabled them to be the world’s richest family, by finding out who won the war before anyone else, possibly by carrier pigeon, selling all stock and thus causing a bear run – and then buying up tons of stock at rock bottom prices just before the real news that Wellington actually won).

The Illuminati believe in “survival of the fittest”. There is no room for losers. Even normal people hardly ever remember who came second. Bonaparte lost, but the Illuminati seem to just adore this guy.

For example, they stuck him on the 2015 Magazine Cover for the Economist (his head is just under the word “the”):



With hundreds of famous people in history, why make a big deal about a loser?

Yes, Bonaparte did a lot, and managed to kill a lot of people. But he still ultimately lost and was supposedly locked up as a prisoner by the British. So, since the Illuminati just love this guy, we assume that he really won at something that was really, really important to the Illuminati.

This ‘something” was probably something that was pivotal in their goal (which we, the people of earth, intends will fail) of a suppressive One World Order under their control.

We don’t know exactly what Bonaparte did that was so special, but we can guess. On researching history for clues as to what it might be, this fact fairly jumped at us:

He invaded Egypt with 400 ships and 54,000 men. That wasn’t the important bit. The important bit was that he also sent 150 scientists and archaeologists, to dig up and find whatever they could.

Through them, ancient Egypt was discovered; the temples and tombs of Luxor, Philae, Dendera, and the Valley of the Kings. Each of these sites was measured, mapped, and drawn, recording in meticulous detail a pharaonic Egypt never before glimpsed by the outside world.

We believe that Napoleon discovered hidden occult secrets that are the key to the power of the Illuminati, because real power comes from spiritual power, that is greater than anyone can possibly imagine.

It is this kind of power, for example, that made a statue come to life, in front of an English mansion, during a ritual attended by a group of men in robes who included Steven King.

Another example of how it is hidden occult power that rules earth is the story of a being coming through a life-size mirror, and offering a young man immense wealth and fame if he would “join them”. The being was a solid, 3-dimensional figure, wearing a robe and quaker hat (Read more here).

For more information on how real black magick is, please listen/read Interview with an ex-Vampire; A true Story).

The occult power of the Illuminati and Freemasonry is based on things in Egypt. That’s why they put pyramids on everything, including the US dollar bill and the Louvre, and stick Egyptian obelisks (phallic symbols) near places of power.


030926-F-2828D-080 Washington, D.C. (Sept. 26, 2003) -- Aerial view of the Washington Monument with the White House in the background. DoD photo by Tech. Sgt. Andy Dunaway. (RELEASED)

Washington, D.C.  — Aerial view of the Washington Monument with the White House in the background. DoD photo by Tech. Sgt. Andy Dunaway. (RELEASED)


The obelisks are to worship the “Holy of Holies” – the penis. This is the same reason why Freemasons wear aprons. This causes increased lust, and is a major cause for pedophilia, because getting life force from children is one of the ‘secrets’ at the top levels, and every man who joins a lodge becomes spiritually tied to the pedophiles at the top levels.



Going back to Bonaparte, he did something to give the oligarchs, the military aristocracy, immense power.

There is no doubt to us that what Napoleon really discovered in  Egypt were things of immense occult significance, and maybe even technology from ancient astronauts.  Because of this, the power of the Illuminati was greatly strengthened, and that is why they idolize him today.

To free the world, we must understand the source of this power, and dismantle it with prayer, spiritual warfare and our spiritual swords. The power that God gives his people is infinitely greater than Satan’s power.




Father of the Secret Service


“Give me six lines written by the most honest man and I will find in them something to hang him.”

The other ultra-significant Frenchman is not nearly as well known as Bonaparte. He is Cardinal Richelieu. As you can see from his quote above, he was supremely evil.

We were first clued in to his importance when we watched in 2015 a DVD one of the original movies of The Four Musketeers, as I had fond memories of that movie as a child. My! What a difference twenty years of conspiracy research does when watching a movie! We saw it with completely different eyes! We were shocked!

The movie was SO much against women and feminine principals of nurturing and family and SO much in favor of men-only, that we realized it was a part of the propaganda to promote homosexuality. Please keep in mind that homosexuality, like many mental aberrations is that – an aberration from nature, and that every time a civilization has given power to the homosexual agenda, that civilization ended soon after.

Major causes of homosexuality have been found to be sexual molestation as children, and also from mercury, which includes vaccines.

Hollywood absolutely adores “The Three / Four Musketeers”. They have made at least 39 versions of this film! You’d think there were no other stories to tell!

We suspect that a reason for this is as a tribute to Cardinal Richelieu, who features prominently in the film.

The other clue that we got that Richelieu was supremely powerful in his day, was that author Georgette Heyer indicated that he was as important as the king, if not more important, in one of her novels (which people call romances, but in fact are closer to historical fiction. She was a master at using accurate historical details in her books).

In addition to being a Catholic Cardinal, Richelieu was also King Louis XIII’s Chief Minister, in 1624.

Because of these things, we suspected that Richelieu was extra important to the Illuminati. We didn’t have to go far to find the reason:

“Richelieu is … notable for the authoritarian measures he employed to maintain power. He censored the press, established a large network of internal spies, forbade the discussion of political matters in public assemblies such as the Parlement de Paris (a court of justice), and had those who dared to conspire against him prosecuted and executed.

The Canadian historian and philosopher John Ralston Saul has referred to Richelieu as the “father of the modern nation-state, modern centralised power [and] the modern secret service.”

A few other things that this supremely evil man did are:

  • By restraining the power of the nobility, he transformed France into a strong, centralized state.

  • Richelieu sought to suppress the influence of the feudal nobility. In 1626, he abolished the position of Constable of France and ordered all fortified castles razed, excepting only those needed to defend against invaders. Thus, he stripped the princes, dukes, and lesser aristocrats of important defences that could have been used against the King’s armies during rebellions. As a result, Richelieu was hated by most of the nobility.

  • Richelieu encouraged Louis XIII to colonize the Americas by the foundation of the Compagnie de la Nouvelle France in imitation of the Dutch West India Company

  • Controlled the king partly through providing him with young men to have sex with. (Was this the beginning of the later plan to control political figures through sexual blackmail?). We assume that he was a homosexual, as he was a highranking Catholic, and therefore never married. Satanists who are homosexuals which seek to destroy families run the Catholic Church. God decreed that:

A bishop then must be blameless, husband of one wife,  vigilant, sober, of good behavior, given to hospitality, apt to teach; 1:Timothy 3:2

  • Enlisted the Jesuits in colonizing French North America. (Note that the Jesuits gained power over the USA through the Federal Reserve, by sinking the Titanic, with the the main opponents to the Titanic on board). The Federal Reserve is not, as most think, a public institution, but is in fact a private institution.



Other countries, including France,  are also run by private bankers:

“Eventually international bankers owned as private corporations the central banks of the various European nations.

The Bank of England, Bank of France and Bank of Germany were not owned by their respective governments, as almost everyone imagines, but were privately owned monopolies granted by the heads of state, usually in return for loans.”

*Ref: None Dare Call It Conspiracy, by Gary Allen)


Cardinal Richelieu is the father of the secret intelligence service. He is the father of “Big Brother” and all the ghastly things that scenarios such as those in 1984 would like us to have.

We refute this, and to intend that earths individuals be free, prosperous and live the life that God intended them to. 







10X10-white-spacerIn 1563 the Netherlands Renaissance painter Pieter Bruegel the Elder finished a painting called “The Tower Of Babel” (above). The painting was his portrayal of the Biblical Tower of Babel.

Fast forward to 1999 when on December 14 the EU Parliament building in Strasbourg, France was finished. “Louise Weiss” is the name of the main tower. One of the first things you will notice in the first pic, which is the Louise Weiss tower, is that it looks unfinished. This was of course by design. Many sources say the building was designed to look like the Pieter Bruegel painting of the Tower of Babel. Some sources also claim the inspiration for the Louise Weiss tower was the ruins of the Roman Coliseum.

There is a EU poster that was banned that pictures the Tower of Babel from the Pieter Bruegel painting. This lends some credence to the EU Parliament building being modeled after the Tower of Babel. There was protest over the poster, which is why it was banned.





10X10-white-spacerAs you can see the EU poster has a lot of religious symbolism on it. For one thing there are eleven inverted stars. The eleven stars represent the eleven member states at the time the poster was designed.

In Genesis chapter 37 Joseph has a dream in which eleven stars were obedient to him. The stars represent his brothers. As we saw in a previous post there are many sources that point to Nimrod being behind the building of the Tower of Babel. He was the one that first brought war into the world and he had the first empire.

World empires were not part of God’s plan so he scattered them and made them speak different languages so that they could not understand each other. This is alluded to in the poster when it states “Europe: Many Tongues One Voice”. The Tower of Babel can be seen as a defiance of God.

One conclusion that could be drawn is that the European Union is trying to finish what Nimrod started. God works through patterns and cycles in which history often repeats itself (Ecclesiastes 1:9). 

(Source of above pics)



We visited Cannes France in 2006 to promote Interview with an Ex-Vampire at the Cannes Film Market. That was an amazing experience.




We stayed at an apartment in a village far enough away to have cheap rent during the Film Festival, Mougin le Haut. During that time we were truly shocked to see how incredibly sad so many people looked. Michael was daily working the Ex-Vampire DVD booth at Cannes Market, but I had time to observe the local people, and was really amazed to see such misery and despair on their faces.

I wondered what could have been the cause. I have seen poor people all around the world, but none of them had any where near the misery on their faces that those people had.

Later we learned that many other people have wondered the same thing. Surveys show that the French are the saddest in the world! How can that be when they live in the most beautiful country in the world?

Possible causes are problems caused by socialism and high expectations coupled with low budgets (caused by socialism). However, other countries have these, and don’t look so miserable. Even people in Afghanistan are happier!

I suspect that two main causes, that no one has looked at are:

  • High consumption of chocolate. They even add it to bread! Chocolate is not a food. It’s a toxin, with caffeine (which is a drug that causes stress), substances similar to marijuana and dangerous levels of lead. For more information, read here. It should never be given to children especially.

  • Spiritual ties to the evil people who rule earth, and are destroying it, as well as curses for the great damage that the evil rulers of France have done to the people of earth. This can only be undone by spiritual warfare. Closing spiritual portals in France and is also necessary.



Cocoon: “a cover that keeps someone safe or warm“.

It is as though France has been walled off from the rest of the world. Both English and French are hard languages to learn. By speaking French, the rest of the world has not much of a clue what is going on in France, except for what the Illuminati want them to know. By not speaking English, the majority of French people are locked off from new discoveries and information that may help free them, such as awareness of how socialism is keeping them enslaved.

We believe that the Illuminati made English the language of business so that the world would be easier for them to steal from, create wars in and take it over; but kept France largely separate so that they had a nice, beautiful, super-safe hiding place for themselves.



The Illuminati may have based themselves in France, because they know that the hearts and metaphysical abilities of the French are the most powerful in the world.

Once the French throw off the Satanic holds which bind them, they can free themselves and bring peace, happiness and prosperity to themselves and earth.

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