Pennsylvania UFOS Witnessed by Military Pilots Unsolved Despite Government Investigations

     July 23, 1952 – Three F-94 Starfire fighter jets
cruised at 644 miles per hour in the skies above Pottstown,
Pennsylvania. Fighter pilots reported seeing a silver “large
pear-shaped” object with no visible means of propulsion. Two smaller,

By James McGinnis
Courier Times

objects also appeared to run circles around the larger craft for approximately
30 minutes.

The alleged encounter 40 miles northeast of Philadelphia was one of 12,618
incidents detailed and investigated by Project Blue Book, a government program
to assess the credibility and potential threat of unidentified flying

Six decades later, the U.S. military is once again publicly investigating UFOs,
and is due to issue a report to Congress on what it now terms “unidentified
aerial phenomenon.” …

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