UFOs, Secret Soviet Weapons and Alien Visitors – A Cultural History

On June 25, 2021, the U.S. government released a nine–page preliminary
report on UFOs, or, as it is now calling them, Unidentified Aerial
Phenomena, or UAPs. The report is the latest notable event in what has
been a renaissance for UFOs in recent years.

     Greg Eghigian is a historian of science at Penn
State who has published research and is writing a book on the history of
UFOs in the U.S. He spoke to the hosts of The Conversation


Weekly podcast the day before the new report came out to better understand the
cultural history of UFOs in the U.S.

… something changed in the 19th century. That’s when you first start to see
these reports of people seeing what they say were flying ships overhead. The
things people describe back then sound a lot like the things they were
familiar with – they literally saw ships and vessels that would normally float
on the sea in flight. Some people would see steam-powered ships.

But it’s really not until the summer of 1947 that people began to regularly
speak of seeing flying objects that some attributed to extraterrestrials.

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